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Behind the scenesPosted by Hannah Sat, February 24, 2018 14:11:13
Hello and welcome to our first blog post!

We thought we'd keep you updated with what's going on behind the scenes and bring you information that might or might not be of interest!

We sourcing more fabrics than we know what to do with, the changing in season is easy to get excited about and we'll be bringing you a fresh Spring Summer 2018 range asap!

We've also got a few new designs that we're very excited about.

We're hoping to reduce our turn around time very soon and we're working hard to get items out to you!

We have a very busy weekend this weekend, with Lucy's birthday (Lucy and I - Hannah are sisters who run Blossom and Oak!). My son thinks she's 7 today, she whole heartedly agreed that she is definitely 7 today! We're off for a night out with friends and family, with the children visiting Nanny and Grandad! So we actually get to fully adult tonight!

Then tomorrow we're very excited to have Ivy's christening/naming day! Ivy won't really ghave a clue what's going on to be fair, however she adores being around family and makes us all smile constantly, she's a little ray of sunshine! Lucy has also prepped an amazing spread, and Ivy has an ongoing love affair with food. I thought I was a foodie but Ivy puts me to shame. I have never seen a baby get so excited for food in my life, and I had a ten pounder who loves his food! We got lots of inspiration for items whilst looking at christening outfits and we can't wait to share our new designs!

Anyway we will be bringing you lots more news and behind the scenes, top secret, Blossom and Oak goings on, but for now I need to get on pinterest to work out how to curl my lob into something stylish and current for tonight's adulting!